10 April 2017 @ 08:46 am
More writing meme questions...

13. Describe your writing process / 42. How many drafts do you usually write before you feel satisfied? / 33. What’s your revision/rewriting process like?

You mean besides laying on the floor, angsting about plot holes? I feel like that's sixty percent of the process.

First, I write everything out in a first draft. I start with a couple disjointed scenes as a kind of brainstorming, and then jump into the draft at the beginning. Once it's completed, I like to completely reread it, making notes and comments before I begin the editing process. In that, I go scene by scene and incorporate my notes. This can involve completely rewriting scenes that don't work, taking things out, making things more concise and/or expanding scenes, etc. It's a long and grueling process. After that's done, I do another strict reread looking for anything I've missed.

Crezure had a slightly different process was it was a collaboration. Becca and I wrote the "first draft" together, scene by scene. Afterward I took what we came up with and I rewrote it all in what is probably more of a "second draft".

14. What does it take for you to be ready to write a book? (i.e. do you research? outline? make a playlist or pinterest board? wing it?) / 26. What’s the most research you’ve ever put into a book? / 25. What’s your worldbuilding process like?

For me, books start with a character and a scene. I get a vivid image of a person in a particular setting, with almost perfect details rolled out. I don't write it immediately. I usually let it marinate for a few days to make sure it's not a passing idea, it's something that needs to be written and is going to stick with me. But once I have that starting image, the rest of the story works it's way around it.

I research in the moment. If I'm writing and I come across something I need to look up, I'll do it right then and there. Sometimes if it's really complicated, I'll make a note in the draft and come back to it during editing. Outlining only happens after the first draft has been completed. If I try to do it beforehand, I start thinking too much and it messes up the flow of my writing. Pinterest boards, playlists, and inspiration folders develop over the course of the first draft, as the story becomes clear.